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Dermaplaning Kit, Everything You Need To Know About Dermaplaning & How To Use A Home Dermaplaning Kit,

Everything You Need to Know About Dermaplaning & How to Use at Home Dermaplaning Kit

With social media constantly exposing us to new tips and tricks, it was only a matter of time before skincare treatments started going viral. One of the most popular procedures gaining traction? Dermaplaning.

This cosmetic treatment really isn’t as harsh as it sounds. In reality, it’s simply exfoliating your face to achieve a smooth, balanced complexion – perfect for going viral.

If that sounds intriguing, you’re not alone (hence why so many people are hopping on this bandwagon). Keep scrolling if you want to learn more about what dermaplaning is, the process, and how it can improve your skin.

First, what is dermaplaning?

Before you place an order for an at home dermaplaning kit, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. Dermaplaning is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that involves using our scalpel to gently slide across your face and remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz. The result is a smoother, brighter appearance due to the light exfoliation.

Are dermaplaning and shaving the same thing?

We understand the confusion – after all, both attempt to remove facial hair; however, they do have one significant difference: dermaplaning delivers exfoliation. While shaving is a quick solution to removing peach fuzz, it’s not nearly as effective as dermaplaning, which uses deeper strokes and specific tools to achieve closer, long-lasting hair removal.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Still on the fence? Fortunately, dermaplaning provides numerous benefits. One of the primary benefits includes a decrease in acne and acne scarring. The process actively eliminates bacteria and excess oil, dirt, and grim that has accumulated in your pores to produce breakouts. Those with a history of acne will experience a significant decrease in redness and a blurring effect on past blemishes.

Other benefits of dermaplaning include:

  • Improved skin texture
  • Brighter-looking complexion
  • Smoother foundation for easier product application
  • Skin better absorbs skincare products
  • Longer-lasting hair removal
  • Light exfoliation

Is dermaplaning safe?

If you’re worried about growing thicker, darker hair as a result of dermaplaning, you’ll be pleased to know that’s not the case. Dermaplaning doesn’t involve changing the structure of the hair follicle, which is deep under the skin. Instead, Dermaplaning is more superficial, ensuring that your hair will grow at the same rate and appearance as before.

Another common fear is that dermaplaning creates stubble. It’s important to note that as your hair begins to grow back, it may feel slightly different due to the angle the hair was removed; however, it should feature the same texture and width as before.

At-Home Dermaplaning Tips

So you’ve decided to put the scalpel where your face is and dive into dermaplaning right from home. For must-know dermaplaning tips, keep reading.

  1. First, gather your tools or dermaplaning kit.
  2. Make sure your face is clean and dry.
  3. Hold your skin taut with one hand and your scalpel with blade in the other to create a smooth surface.
  4. Move the blade in brief, light strokes at a 45-degree angle – patience is key! Don’t overdo it on the pressure; you’re only targeting the dead outer layer of skin.
  5. Start at the top of the ear and work your way down to prevent irritation.
  6. Avoid irritated areas.
  7. Once you’ve gone over the entirety of your face, rinse with a cleanser and follow up with a hydrating serum and moisturiser before continuing your regular skincare routine.
  8. If you experience any discomfort, contact your dermatologist.

Post-Dermaplaning Treatment Tips

Now that you’ve completed the process, remember not to skip aftercare. Keep the following aftercare tips in mind to maintain your results and prevent irritation.

  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Limit makeup use
  • Apply a gentle moisturiser
  • Do not apply harsh products
  • Wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30

Giving your skin time to settle away from the sun and your makeup is crucial to protecting your complexion. Additionally, using a hyaluronic acid mask does wonders for keeping your skin hydrated during post-treatment, which is especially important, as dermaplaning is notorious for causing dryness.

Dermaplaning at Home

At Otimo Beauty, we provide the necessary tools to help you build an at home dermaplaning kit, including No.10r or No.14 sterile blades, a stainless steel scalpel handle No.3, and more. These tools are specifically designed for dermaplaning purposes, allowing you to achieve a salon-worthy result. Click here to view our high-quality dermaplaning products.