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Lemarc Perfume V1


Perfume Notes:

  • Top Notes: Grapefruit, Marine Accord.
  • Middle Notes: Gaiacwood, Laurel.
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Ambergris.

Our Bottle:

  • 100 ML Eau de Parfum

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Gently lingering, Patchouli features zesty grapefruit, a marine accord, and musky ambergris. Aromatic laurel is peppered throughout, creating unexpected accents. This smoked, leathery scent is a powerful and unforgettable eau de parfum for men.

The woody, aquatic aroma of Patchouli never competes. Its explosive combination of ingredients is naturally charismatic. The wearer will notice hints of citrus perfume, earthy laurel, and classic musky ambergris, completed with just a few drops of smoked guaiac wood – an intense oil derived from the the palo santo tree.

The wearer will make an impression in any room, dividing and conquering the senses. One spray is enough to take you from morning to evening, and an extra spray will add smoked, spiced intensity throughout the night.

Patchouli envelopes the wearer, and everyone around him, in sensuous, addictive fragrances from exotic reaches. One inhale is enough to fall in love with lemarc perfumes.