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Orange Sweet, Essential Oil 10ML


Sweet Orange Oil Benefits:

  • Naturally reduces anxiety and stress
  • Promotes ‘happy’ hormones to boost mood
  • Creates a feeling of warmth
  • Can stimulate the lymphatic system and reduce toxins in the skin and body
  • Has natural antibacterial properties
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Can lighten the skin
  • Can boost the immune system

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Not just a fantastic oil for burning at home, Sweet Orange Essential Oil offers a multitude of health and beauty benefits too. With a refreshing yet warming scent, this versatile oil will quickly become a firm favourite in your collection.

Sweet orange oil for skin is a great natural alternative to man made products that often don’t offer the same great results. Try mixing with a carrier oil, or your favourite products and apply to the skin regularly, to nourish dry and irritated skin. Sweet orange oil is also great for acne prone skin, as it has natural antibacterial properties.