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Nadia Perfume Florence


Perfume Notes:

  • Top Notes: Mandarine, Ginger, Lily.
  • Middle Notes: Vanilla, Aquatic Notes.
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Ambergris.

Our Bottle:

  • 100 ML Eau de Parfum

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A transcendent and sweetly spiced eau de parfum for women, Mandarin is characterised by warm ginger, delicate aquatic notes, sweet lily, and smokey sandalwood.

This complex and distinctive blend of ingredients from around the world creates an intoxicating and memorable elixir. Each hour of development offers something new and mysterious. The top notes of sweet mandarin, spiced ginger, and fragrant lily create a warm, honey-drenched aroma. The aquatic middle notes are fused and tempered with sweet, warm vanilla. The base notes are intense and uncompromising – musky ambergris and warm, aromatic sandalwood.

The beautiful chemistry of these ingredients make Mandarin one of the most intriguing and best perfumes for women. Aromatic and exotic, the wearer will be enveloped in a truly memorable, stunning mix of nature-inspired, rich, and luxurious ingredients.

Warm. Aromatic. Sweet. Every element of this delightful, fun fragrance is balanced and rich. One spray will transport the wearer to warmer, exotic climes.